Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer's Almost Gone

We've had summer until today.  We have enjoyed the weather outside as much as possible, given my impending post-surgical incarceration.  These big white puffy flowers have been everywhere this year.  The flower heads are really big.

Thursday we rode out in Carnation Valley.  We stopped at a farm stand and bought produce.  The corn was good, the tomatoes not so much.

And now there is this.  Rain started at 4 this morning.  We've had off and on rain, heavy rain, gusty winds and sun.  Two people have died from falling trees, and at one point 450,000 people had no power.  We had a couple of outages, but they were brief.  It's an unusual storm for August, this usually happens in November. 

The next four days are supposed to be wet.  It may be time to join a gym since we're going to be here until the end of October.  Living in an RV is not as much fun when you can't go outside.

Surgery is on Monday.  I have to arrive at 1:30 in the afternoon.  I'm really unhappy about this start time.  It'll mean getting up at 5 am, eating something, and then sitting around until early afternoon being hungry and thirsty and extremely cranky.  It'll take three or four hours, so by the time it's all over I should be very difficult to be around due to low blood sugar.  I'm trying to have a positive outlook on this, but am failing miserably at the moment.  So, that's what's up in the GPNW.


  1. Hang in there! Good Luck on Monday. I hope everyone survives around you until you get some food in you:)

  2. Allison, sending lots of positive thoughts for Monday! Let us know how you're doing when you can!

  3. I feel your pain :(. Let's just hope your time slot is on time… that your doc doesn't get behind like my doc did and you have to wait wait wait even longer. The weather doesn't exactly help, either.
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. Good luck with everything tomorrow!

    I hope the rain at the very least diminishes the fires, instead of lighting starting more and wind exacerbating the existing flames!

  5. Good luck tomorrow, Allison. Will keep you in my thoughts. Does not sound like fun. :-( At least if you have to have rain, post-surgery is probably the best time for it. Hang in there!