Sunday, August 23, 2009

NY - Niagara Falls

Today began with a steady, soaking rain. So, after prepping a rather elaborate (and large) crock pot meal, we decided to drive in to St. Catherine's, Ontario to the Costco so we could get Jim's broken glasses fixed. On the way back across the Rainbow Bridge border crossing we stopped at the duty free. The view from the parking lot is quite impressive.

The rain had abated so we parked on the US side and walked through the Niagara Falls park and looked at the water. I'm still suffering with the ear infection and decided against Maid of the Mist or Cave of the Wind because I don't want any Water in the Ear. It was a pleasant walk, and then it rained on us.
That's Niagara Falls Canada in the upper right of the picture. They have some large buildings dedicated to tourism. The US side looked a little forlorn in places. The falls are pretty dang impressive.

Tomorrow we're up at oh:dark:thirty to get the RV in to the Camping World in Churchville so they can hopefully end the saga of the toilet which will not hold water. It's so annoying. And, there is also the tale of the gas water heater that will not light. After that we'll continue west.

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