Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crossing the Country - Terror in the Heartland

This morning we left the Niagara Falls area of NY for Ohio. Our departure was good, all attachments to utilities were removed prior to pulling away, nothing out of the ordinary. But then we turned on the GPS for guidance to Sandusky. The directions seemed a little odd but we thought we'd trust her. After she wanted us to drive down a tiny neighborhood street, we decided she'd lost her mind again. We were able to pull into a church parking lot to assess our route. Somehow the navigator's instruction to the pilot to go south, got garbled in the universal translator and he went north. We drove and drove, looking for a place to turn around. No joy. And then we saw it, the sign that strikes terror into the heart of the RV'er. Bridge height 11 feet in 1 & 1/2 miles. We're 13+ feet. We made an immediate left turn onto a dead end street with another church parking lot at the end of it, but there was a chain across the entrance. Yes, it just kept getting better. We could not back out on to the street we'd turned off of because it was at the top of a blind hill. Fortunately a nice lady came out on to her porch offering us the use of her driveway. Jim backed into her driveway like a champ, and we lived to tell the story. Note to self, leave the way you came in.

We crossed the top of Pennsylvania. They grow a lot of grapes. Are they not lovely?

Tomorrow we're in Michigan. Tonight we're in Sandusky with 72 cable channels and pretty decent wifi. Woo-hoo! I don't have the ice pick in the ear anymore, but I still can not hear out of my left side. Some progress, not enough.

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