Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boston MA - Big Dig and Russo's

Well, I have spent the last two months bitching and moaning about it's too cold, it's too wet; now I'm complaining about it's TOO HOT! Boston started a heat wave the day we got here. Today it hit 96 degrees with a lot of humidity. We wimped out on sight seeing and took a drive in the nice air conditioned truck. We drove up into Boston just to see what we'd see on I93, which was part of the Big Dig. If you're not familiar with the project, it's pretty amazing. It took 14 years to do, it involved tunneling under rivers and the subway system, all while keeping the elevated highway it replaced up and running. Every support structure for the elevated highway was in the way of the new tunnel. This is a before and after shot, after is better.

The bridge is also new, I love this style of bridge. They look like art.

So, after seeing the bridge we decided to head back south, via Russo's Marketplace. I have never seen so many vegetables and cool stuff in one place. They have cheese (Jim was ecstatic, more stinky cheese), a deli, prepared food to take home when it's too hot to cook (did I mention it's really hot?) and the bakery. Oh! the bakery! I love a good grocery store, if you're ever in the Boston area, do go.
There are many plants and flowers.

Four types of eggplant.

Lobster mushrooms.

It's a really cool store. JB at Urban Drivel suggested it, and I am heartily glad she did.

Tomorrow the plan is to get up and take the commuter train in to the South Station. From there we will walk to the Boston Harbor Hotel and we will climb aboard a Beantown Trolley. It's one of those narrated tours that you can get off of when you want to, or not. The uninterrupted tour is 2 hours. Duration will also depend on how hot it gets.

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