Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boston - And an Ear Infection

Tuesday I had a slight earache - figured it was swimmer's ear and gave it some drops. Wednesday it was worse, and got much worse as the day progressed. Last night I felt like someone had taken an ice pick to my ear. Plus, it was full of fluid. If I held my nose tightly and blew gently (like you would to equalize pressure on an airplane) Jim could hear my ear squeaking across the room. So, this morning it was off to the ER. It's not swimmer's ear, it's an inner ear bacterial infection. I can not believe how bad this hurts. Vicodin is my new friend.
So, my beloved is at the grocery store without me. A line of T-storms is going through the area, and we're leaving in the morning. So, that is all from Bean Town.

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