Sunday, January 6, 2019

Restaurant Supply and Rain

Yesterday there was a trip to Home Depot and thence to Standard Restaurant Supply for glassware.  On the way, Irvington was closed due to a car accident.  Tucson Police are rather laissez faire about closing the street.  They put out a few cones and it’s up to the drivers to work out their route of retreat.  We detoured through the neighborhoods and witnessed yet another rear ender.  Driving skills in this area are not so great.


This is the restaurant supply store we’ve previously visited.  They don’t have much food, but they have stuff.


Melamine for the masses.


I was really tempted to get a couple of these.  Who doesn’t need an attractive food bowl?  Who already owns food bowls?  Jim could see me wavering on buying them and whispered “this is how it starts.”  So, no new food bowls.


I thought the cleaning tableau was well done.  Restaurant supply stores really bring it home how much grocery stores are over charging for stuff.  Disposable aluminum pans are 35 cents each.  Safeway is charging two or three dollars for two.


The warming trend took a side trip yesterday.  It rained all night, clouds were stuck on the hills this morning.


Later the sun returned for awhile, but then the clouds returned and it was not a great climate day.


A surviving bougainvillea blossom. 


I think this is my favorite green.  Agaves are just lovely.  They’re also sharp.


Tomorrow the landscapers are coming with nine tons of rock to spread across the yard.  Over time it gets ground in to the dirt, dries up and flies away, who knows.  Anyway, we need more rock on the dirt. 


  1. Up here they are running over pedestrians. And taking off. Oh, and dogs on the freeways. So far no deaths involved with the dogs. Those were pretty bowls - guess it was a good thing that Jim was whispering on your ear. Tell him that sweet nothings are better. Lol

  2. Had to laugh at the voice of reason.

  3. That restaurant supply place looks great. I really need some plates to put under our plants!

  4. That darn voice of reason...

    Rock tonnage...we're going to be doing that in a couple of months...

  5. Natives stripped fiber from agave and other succulents to spin for fiber. I've tried it with yucca. Very time consuming (of course).