Thursday, November 16, 2017

Weather, Construction and Car Crashes

Yee hah!!!!!!!!!!  It is hot!  It’s still hitting 89 degrees in the afternoon.  We’re having to be up and out early for the biking.

The weather has been spectacular, other than the hot-ness.


One of my favorite churches in Tucson.


This is taken along the Santa Cruz Trail.  Yet another giant apartment building is going in.  We’re not happy about this many people locating within feet of the trail.  The UofA students in the high rise dorms have a distressing habit of dropping beer bottles on the mosque next door to them.  One hopes that there will be no balconies over looking the trail.


This is going to be enormous.


Here is Jim at the restrooms and ride turn around.  We started off riding the mountain bikes because they’re heavy (more work) and stable, but we’re going back to the road bikes.  Rolling resistance on those tires is just brutal.  Once again it’s going to be a long slog back to any level of fitness.


This is why you don’t immediately enter an intersection after a light turns green in Tucson.  Since the state took the red light cameras down, red light running has just become rampant.  There are a lot of accidents due to people failing to yield right of way.  This was just outside of the RV park, on Mission Road.


The SUV is a total loss.


Notice that the air bag deployed. 


Traffic was backed up forever.  It takes awhile for wreckers to arrive on scene in the city limits.  Generally, unless it’s a blocking accident or someone is hurt, police will not respond to crashes.  It’s on you, the motorist, to get enough photos to convince your insurance company that it wasn’t your fault.

Anyway, since the traffic was so horrible, Jim gave up on going out for a hair cut.  Since he was looking totally wolfy, I took a 4 blade to his head.  It doesn’t look all that bad.


  1. Wolfy!

    We have just returned to the craziness that is San Diego for the next 2.5 months...I feel your pain about being in a big city...

  2. Good to see you getting back out there on the bikes.

  3. Glad you're getting back on the bikes, but stealing our hot weather. We miss it! We've been bundled up lately, at least in the AM. BTW, I always cut Barry's hair (#2 blade). He doesn't have much, so it's an easy job!