Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Back to Boise

Sunday we left Ketchum and returned to Boise.  It's a mainly pleasant drive.


There is scenery.


There are hilly looking things.


Upon our return to Boise the weather just tanked.  It was cold and Monday it rained.  We had planned to have the windshield in the truck replaced Monday afternoon, but decided the weather was just too iffy to have it done in the RV park.

I saw the ENT on Monday morning.  The ear looks really good.  It's dry and there is no inflammation.  The pile of anti-fungal/steroid/drying agent powder is still sitting on top of the eardrum perforation, so it's not possible to see if it's any smaller or not.  In time, the power will detach and then all will be revealed.  It appears that my new world order will include showering with a dixie cup over my ear, since it seems that two phase water repelling is required.  The earplug lets a little water in, and with my wretched ear, that's a bad thing.

Next up is a trip to Portland.


  1. The thing I love about that drive in Idaho is all the pronghorns!

    That's good news on the ear.

  2. Sorry about the weather but glad there was no bad news on the ear! Safe travels to Portland....